Waving at the world!

It's better to give...


For many years, Jeep drivers have been spreading goodwill to fellow jeepers by sending a heartfelt wave as they passed each other on the roads. This Jeep wave has become as important to Jeep drivers as gas, sunglasses and muddy tires! That’s why our development team at J-Wave and Marco Savo decided to use this age-old tradition of waving as a platform for helping others. We decided to donate $1.00 from the sale of each J-Wave system to The Ocean Foundation. We decided that our customers would love to be a part of, “CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE WAVE AT A TIME!” 

How great it will be to know that your purchase is not only improving the driving experience of other Jeepers, but is also making the world a better place by helping a deserving charity with a donation. Every J-Wave system purchase will help this charity realize their goal of improving the world in their own special way. Sure, you may not receive the Nobel Prize for your purchase but who needs that anyway. Instead, you know that you helped a charity and got to wave at other Jeepers in a totally unique way!

All of us at Marco Savo would like to give you a big Jeep Wave and tip of our Marco Savo hat for your purchase of a J-Wave System and the resulting donation! You may never receive a thank you from the charity, so we will give you a big “Thank you!” on behalf of these charities. You are surely, “CHANGING THE WORLD ONE WAVE AT A TIME!”