Personalize the product!

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That’s personal!

Yes, it is and that’s OK! We will make the system personalized for you or whomever you buy it for! We can write a persons name on the servo box and hand. We can also write the name of a person's favorite sports team.  We have even printed the names of a military branch that a customer served so it can be displayed with rightful pride! Giving this to a person who has bravely served in the military is your way of acknowledging their service and saying thank you! (But you should also say, “thank you!”) The reason you should buy today is because this will not be sold as a 3D printed system forever. Once sales exceed our ability to make them slowly on a 3D printer, we will have to switch to a mass production system which will not allow for personalization. Therefore, buy while you still can to get all the colors and personalized details you deserve.  


Buy Today!


Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell that soooo loud. But you should buy today because they require some time to make. Each one of the J-Wave Systems are made on a 3D printer and requires more than 12 hours to print and an additional hour to assemble the plastic parts and electronic components. 

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Personalized Products

Pick your colors!


 This is where the motor sits. The unit sits atop your dashboard. You can choose the color your like and even add some personalized message to it. A few letters (7 maximum) can be added below the word J-wave.  Just let us know when ordering what color and message you want added!

Get some control!


You can also pick the color of the control for the J-Wave System! Some people like to make it the same color as the motor unit (see section to the left) and some like to get a little crazy and make it a different color! We don't judge! Have Fun!

Let's give them a hand!


Just like the control box and motor box, you can pick the color of the hand and add a personalized message to it if you like! Make the hand match the control box and motor box or make it different. Whatever makes you happy! 

What goes around...


Sometimes a simple wave is not enough!  Sometimes you want to show-off yout support for your favorite sports team, college, military branch or whate

ver you care about! We at Marco Savo call these 'rounds' becuse, well, there round. You can attach a sticker to these to show your support for something. We can also personalize these rounds with writing (up to six letters per line for two lines) and you can even pick the color! Let the world know what team, college, company, rock band or military branch you love every time you wave! 

The three finger wave!


Some days call for all five fingers waving in all their glory while other days you feel like chilling and only displaying three fingers to the world! That's why we have the cool three finger hand to wave at everyone and tell them, "hey, three is how I feel today! Deal with it!" It's ok, we don't mind. And as usual, you can pick your own colors and choose to personalize with up to six letters. Have fun and relax. We got this!