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Is the Jeep wave a real thing? Yes! It’s a real thing that Jeep drivers have been doing for many years. Some say it originated following World War II as veterans returned home and purchased Jeeps. The veterans had driven Jeeps while away at war and they felt comfortable with the rugged, dependable vehicles. Some say the wave developed as veterans waved to each other to acknowledge their veteran status or possibly because they were both driving Jeeps. Actually, nobody knows for sure. Regardless of where the Jeep wave came from, it’s a real thing and should be performed when driving past another Jeep. 

Who waves first? There are those who say that the person driving either a new Jeep or an unmodified (stock) Jeep should wave first. I personally just wait until the other driver is close enough to see me wave and then I let loose with a wave which would make the Jeep gods proud! Most people seem to just wave with two fingers or sometimes three if they feel a little more energetic. I usually go overboard and lift my hand from the steering wheel and show the whole hand! That’s right, you read it right, the whole hand in all its glory! But the most important thing is to wave! Not waving causes a unicorn to lose its horn! That makes it just a horse! You want to be responsible for that? I thought not. So make sure you wave! *

With the J-Wave system, a driver (or occupant) can now wave back with more than just the usual wave of yesteryear. A person can now show the colors of their Jeep when waving or whatever color they are feeling that day. A J-Wave operator can use the circular pad (round) to display their favorite sports team, branch of the military they serve in or whatever they want to stick on the pad. Just be mindful that not everyone likes your sports team or college and may display a different team than yours. But it’s OK! To each his own! Don’t get excited, just wave back and smile. The world moves on! We will be adding new and different designs and colors in the future to improve upon an already great system! Designs for different holidays and seasons and even types of Jeeps are in the works and soon will be displayed here. So please check in regularly to see what’s new in the J-Wave system. 

Also, as a person who has purchased the J-Wave system, you can also sleep well at night knowing that you helped to change the world in a positive way. Every J-Wave purchase helps a charity by receiving one dollar from each unit sold. You are literally changing the world, “one wave at a time!” How can you beat that? Well, possibly if you bought two, then that would be twice as good. So as you drive down the road waving at other Jeep drivers, you can hold your head high and proclaim that you are waving at not just the other Jeep drivers but you are in fact, waving at the world! OK, maybe that’s a bit much but you get the point. You did a nice thing for someone else by buying this system. You are keeping the tradition of the Jeep wave alive in a new and cool way which will surely become “the thing” for all future Jeep drivers to have. And you got yours early before it was a ‘thing’ and now can say you are the cool one. 

In fact, we are so sure that you are the cool one that we would love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve any part of the product or company, please send us an e-mail at And please visit our website every now and then for new and exciting products from Marco Savo! We are always updating our product list to keep J-Wave fresh and new. 

So, thank you again from the staff at Marco Savo Corp. for your purchase of the J-Wave system and I would also like to thank you for being a part of a charity fundraiser which will help others in need. That is why we at Marco Savo Corp. like to say, “Changing the world one wave at a time!”

*Disclaimer: Marco Savo Corporation and its employees are not responsible for any incorrect or misleading remarks regarding unicorns and the loss of their horns as a result of not waving. This is in fact, a lie. A unicorn does not lose its horn because a Jeep driver did not wave. They only lose their horn when someone buys a Prius. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this website.  


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